Companion Volunteer*

Volunteers provide companionship, support and respite to patients and their families. Companion volunteers visit patients in the home and/or at facilities.   Companion volunteers may also provide assistance with errands and transporting patients and family members to important appointments.


Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer*

Volunteers are military veterans who are dedicated to sitting bedside with military veteran hospice patients in the home and/or at facilities.


Vigil Volunteer*

Volunteers offer a quiet, comforting presence at the bedside of hospice patients in their last hours.  Vigil volunteers also provide a They also provide comfort, reassurance and support to family members at such a delicate time.


Specialized Volunteer*

Specialized volunteers provide massage, art, music or pet therapy to hospice patients.  A specialized training program must be completed in order to provide this service to our patients.


Bereavement Volunteer*

Volunteers provide support in conjunction with the Grief Counselor.  They provide counseling and guidance to the family members of a lost loved one.  


Marketing/Fundraising Volunteer

Volunteers offer assistance with marketing events and/or fundraisers.  Volunteers may also provide assistance in the Funnel Cake Stand.


Support Volunteer

Volunteers provide assistance and support to the office staff on administrative tasks such as record filing, data entry (computer work), mailings and making phone calls.  


Special Projects Volunteer

Volunteers would help with crafts, holiday cards, gardening around the building, baking goodies for hospice events and patients.  

*Volunteer is required to complete a 12-hour training program.  Specialized, Vigil and Veteran volunteers require additional training.


Start Making a Difference Today!

Download a volunteer application here.

You can mail volunteer applications to:

1220 North Market St.

Galion, OH. 44833


You can fax volunteer applications to:

(419) 468-9211


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