Volunteer Testimonials 

Amy Kleinknecht volunteers at HomeCare Matters 2 times a week and had become a part of our agency over the last 20 years. The staff looks forward to spending time with her every week.

"My favorite part about volunteering for HomeCare Matters is the staff. Lindsey (volunteer coordinator) is full of energy, hardworking, and cares about the volunteers. I usually spend my time doing administrative and clerical duties when in the building. I am glad to be working HomeCare Matters. They’re great people. I have two best friends here- Tracy B & Becky."


Karcey Alexander is a current HCM staff member in the medical records department. She volunteers for the agency on top of being an integral part of our agency.

"My favorite part of volunteering is having the opportunity to work with the volunteers. I love to work in the funnel cake stand with them and Lindsey makes everything so fun. She’s very cheerful and enthusiastic. I do wish we could have more people involved in the volunteer program, simply because it’s such a wonderful group to be associated with."


Carol Fought:

"The agency took care of my husband and I joined their volunteer program shortly after and have been involved ever since."

Nancy Findling: 

"I have been volunteering since 85’ and I can’t give it up. I love serving the community and knowing the money we raise is going to patients that need it. I love meeting people. The volunteer coordinator is a blessing"


Marthalee Horning:

"I love to help people. Training and working with the volunteers, as well as serving others. I have been volunteering since 1991."