Oct 1, 2014

2014 Volunteer Appreciation and Caregiver Recognition Dinner

HomeCare Matters held it's Volunteer Appreciation and Caregiver Recognition Dinner the evening of 9/30/14.  We couldn't do what we do without our Volunteers. We simply would not exist as an agency and touch as many lives as we do without their help. And we will always stand behind the Caregivers who do so much for those in their care. See below for the complete list of Caregivers who received recognition and why.  We had a great time with Comedian Eric Johnson at the Tabernacle of Praise celebrating you. Again, thank you Volunteers and Caregivers!

Caregiver Nominee: Deb Dicus

The employees at the Crestline Nursing Center are some of the best caregivers this area has to offer, however; this Caregiver rises above them all. She is seemingly tireless and has unlimited energy. It is not unusual for her to step up as a fill-in and work 12 hour days for days on end when staff members call or need time off.  For a number of years, she also served as the primary caregiver to both her ailing mother and father but it never affected her work performance or the quality of care she delivered. Besides being the most wonderful daughter they could have asked for, she continues to be an exceptional addition to an already hard working and extraordinary team.

For these reasons, Becky Mansfield wishes to recognize Deb Dicus as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Nancy Everly

Finding comfort in this world can be difficult, however; it’s something that this Caregiver makes sure she shares with not only the husband that she cares for, but with HomeCare Matter nurses, aides and social workers when they pay them a visit. She always puts her needs to the side and makes sure they are okay and have had something to eat or drink.  She spends every day caring for the love of her life and rarely takes time for herself. The smile on her face is contagious and ever present. She is truly a caregiver made of sunshine and gold.

For these reasons, Andrea Kirgis wishes to recognize Nancy Everly as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Connie Church

Working for a home health and hospice agency can shed a light on caregivers, but nothing can prepare you for when you actually become one.  We’re proud to say that this Caregiver is one of our own and has excelled at providing care to her Mom. She put her Mom needs first by rearranging her home, work and personal life. Some days, she would be up all night, but would still come to the office with a smile and a joke ready to cheer, help and lift up her fellow co-workers and patients. She is an outstanding daughter and friend to all who work at HomeCare Matters.

For these reasons, Andrea Kirgis wishes to recognize Connie Church as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Janice Coleman

Caring for an elderly parent is a difficult and challenging task. When a daughter was faced with the thought that a facility was the only choice for the 24 hour care of her mother, she was heartbroken- but thank goodness an angel stepped in. This angel arrived on the scene with a gentle touch and healing hand that should be an example to all. Her dedication gleams as she spends time away from her own family and job to make sure the needs of mother that isn’t her own are taken care of- all while asking nothing in return. You are truly a blessing.

For these reasons, Connie Church wishes to recognize Janice Coleman as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: David Heid

The loops life throws you through are extremely unexpected. And although this Caregiver had a very different view of what his retirement would be like, he has done his best to smooth out a new path for he and his wife. After his wife fell ill many years ago, he has never left her side, and has provided wonderful care by taking her to all of her appointments, managing her medications and making sure her health care providers are updated promptly on any status changes.  He has said he will continue to keep his wife at home for as long as he is able. He is the friendliest guy you could meet and a joy to talk to and with.

For these reasons, Tracy Bee wishes to recognize David Heid as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Bethany Howard

Even at a time when mourning her husband’s passing, this Caregiver was able to rise above her pain to continue to help the patients in her care. She was an inspiration and amazement to her co-workers. She consistently always goes above and beyond to provide comfort by not only being a good listener, but a friend. In the last hours of former client’s life who had no family, she was present at their bedside making sure they knew they were loved and not alone.

For these reasons, Erin Casper wishes to recognize Bethany Howard as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Carl Pensinger

The course of a 60 year marriage is not measured by the trials and tribulations a husband and wife face; it’s measured in the hugs, kisses and love they share with each other. There is no denying that the love this Caregiver shares with his wife shows by the care he delivers to her every day. It was important to him for her to be by his side at the home they built together so he makes sure he does everything in his power to meet her needs and keep her healthy. He is doing a magnificent job providing care.

For these reasons, Vera Sulser wishes to recognize Carl Pensinger as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Sheryl Reeve

 When her husband needed care in their home, this wife did not hesitate to make his life her own. She has filled their house with love, never voicing any regrets or complaints about being there for the man she adores so much. She has even taken a leave of absence from her job so she can be by his side 24 hours a day. She goes out of her way to make sure her spouse is not treated like he is disabled and makes she he is involved in everything they do. She believes in being together forever and making the most out of the life they share.

For these reasons, Angie Thompson wishes to recognize Sheryl Reeve as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Maria Winemiller

This Caregiver goes above and beyond for her husband. She has performed 24hour care to keep him at home and has a willingness to learn new things to keep him there. She has put her life on hold as his needs increased including giving up photography shoots to be by his side. She is a strong patient advocate and pushes for what her husband needs.

For these reasons, Rachelle Shade wishes to recognize Maria Winemiller as an Extraordinary Caregiver.

Caregiver Nominee: Marsha Wrolstad

The life of a medical assistant is a busy one. She is always being pulled in many different directions. Although this Caregiver enjoys the challenge, she makes it a point to take the time, no matter how many things are being thrown on her, to make every patient she encounters feel special. She genuinely cares and has compassion for everyone she meets. She NEVER complains and is always willing to lend a hand. She is a shining example of what a medical assistant is and should be.

For these reasons, Tammy Clark wishes to recognize Marsha Wrolstad as an Extraordinary Caregiver.


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