Oct 13, 2014

HomeCare Matters Healing Journey Continues

The HomeCare Matters Home Health and Hospice Healing Journey is a 5 week series of courses designed to help those who have lost a loved one understand grief and the healing process. Focusing on the myths of grief, stages of grief, warning signs of depression, getting through the holidays and how long it takes for the pain of loss to stop, each individual who completes the Healing Journey will better understand their feelings and be one step closer to reaching a resolution to the dark night of the soul they are experiencing.  Participants will also make friends with fellow course attendees who are feeling the same pain and emotions and be tuned into a support group who understands and is willing to help them continue on their Healing Journey.  The Healing Journey begins October 23th at 6:00pm and will meet for an hour every Thursday after until November 20th at HomeCare Matters Galion Office, 1220 N. Market Street.  Even if you missed the first class, you can still attend the rest! For more information, call HomeCare Matters Family Support Coordinator Brandon Quail at 1-800-4-Nurses or email bquailhcm@gmail.com.

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Posted by: Dean
We hope to see you there!