Grief Support

Healing Journey

Healing Journey is a series of educational sessions designed to help individuals to grow through their grief. The goal of this group is to assist adults in understanding and coping with their grief and moving towards resolution and reinvestment in life.

Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope is our on-going support group, which provides continued hope for persons who are farther along in their healing journey toward recovery.

Lunch with Friends

Lunch with Friends is a monthly social gathering for individuals who have experienced grief, which rotates between restaurants in Bucyrus and Galion. Not only do they enjoy lunch but keep in touch with friends they have made through our organization.

Life Celebration Picnic & Balloon Release

In late summer or early fall we have a picnic for families that would like to celebrate the life of their loved one. We have activities and entertainment for all ages. At the close of the day we release balloons in memory of our loved ones.

Memorial Services

Once in the spring and once in the fall our Social Service Department organizes a Memorial Service to honor the lives of patients and others who have died. WE would like to share this special event with you and encourage your family and friends to attend and participate in our ceremony. A “Remembering Table” displays pictures or special items to celebrate the memory of your loved one.

Memorial Quilt

As a lasting memorial to your loved one, HomeCare Matters creates a Memorial Quilt of squares made by the family members of patients and other who have died. These quilts are on display in our offices. If you would like to create a square in remembrance of your loved one please call our office. If you would like assistance with making a quilt square we have creative and artistic volunteers that are willing to help!

The Stars Class
Special Time to Always Remember

The Stars Class will help children understand the visitation, funeral, or cremation process. The class is held at the funeral home during the private family viewing. We will share stories and work on a picture frame craft project during that time. It gives children an opportunity to share their concerns regarding the visitation and funeral activities. Children are asked to bring a picture of their loved one to the class to put in their picture frame. The children are also going to be writing a star message to their loved one.

Children’s Grief Camp

Our program, Journey, is designed to help children grieve in a healthy, safe and very creative way to promote reassurance and healing. The camp is for children ages 6-14 and is free to any child wishing to attend. We will be talking and sharing about the various emotions that children may encounter on their journey through the grief experience – for example, shock, fear, sorrow and anger – to name a few. There will be exciting and constructive games and activities, including woodworking, music, and art. Sessions are planned, not only to entertain, but to reinforce the themes for discussion each day.

Crawford County Trauma Response Team

HomeCare Matters has incited the establishment of a Crawford County Trauma Response Team which helps children, families and schools affected by violent or non-violent trauma inducing incidents. If you would like more information on this program please contact our office.

*There is no charge for any bereavement services.